Modern and comfortable, refined design, cozy surroundings, made to measure bedroom and suite furnishing in natural materials, ample garden and swimming pool, private areas and panoramic vegetable gardens.
The Resort is situated inside a three-hectare agricultural plot in the Marche hills, seven kilometers from the velvet sands of Senigallia on the Adriatic coast.

Why “Il Gallo Senone”
The name of our Resort has been inspired by the story of Senigallia (Snigaja in the local dialect) and remembers the first center, Sena Gallica, which has been founded by the celtic clan Galli Senoni, between 389 and 383 B.C.  It seems that the Senoni, the last nomadic celtic clan, has chosen Sena Gallica as their main city thanks to its strategical position: a flat hill on the Adriatic seaside dominated by the river.

Commanded by their leader Brenno, the Senoni occupied many near areas and for approx. 100 years they had to fight several times against the Romans which finally occupied Sena Gallica on 275 B.C. creating a Roman colony.

However, the presence of the Galli Senoni remains, even though they were subjugated by the Romans: the Romans which were established in the valley of Suasa, Ostra etc. were living together with the Senoni positioned in their high-hill villages such as for example the archeological site of Montefortino di Arcevia.

The Senoni was the clan which most penetrated on the political and cultural tradition of the territory, which determined the birth of a new “celtic-italian” mixed culture.


Free to discover
a natural environment

Swimming Pool

The pool's waters
reflect the surrounding hills

Vegetable gardens

A private area
where you can pick seasonal fruits


A pleasurable blend
of well-being and comfort


Many good reasons
to start the day off well


The magic of an intimate
and relaxing atmosphere